Press Release

New office space coming up!

No business can work without a proper office and headquarters where the team members can sit together, plan out and work towards achieving their goals. Similarly, anterBox has been looking around for some office spaces recently. We will setting up a new office building as our headquarters very soon.

Solar products launched

anterBox is proud to announce the diversification of it's business in eco-friendly products. We have included Solar products under our business and will be providing different products like solar panels, hybrid solar systems, solar home inverters, PWM, etc. Please check out our solar specific website for more information.

Website development under process

The previous website has been scrapped and a brand new look is being given to it. The renovation shall be completed by the end of the first week of February 2013. Different URLs have been assigned to the services provided by us.

As said by aristotle "Excellence, is not an act, but a habbit", we belive, in todays world excellence can only be achieved with the accuracy of latest technologies and by timely communication b/w the executives. Focusing on these attributes, we design soultions to move our customers towards excellence!

- Jasdeep Singh, MD