Our automation system includes each and every component of the automative spirit. Our complete automation system provides you the features of all the automative parts that we provide our customers with in one single package. Complete Automation system is a unique and well balanced package that is set to provide you with the best of the automative world.

The complete automation system provide you with feature like - Mood thematic controls, easy and fast access using mobile, internet etc., lightening effects, centralized audio system, user management and control systems. The complete automation system consists of mainly these components:

Access home from web/smartphone

In the world of internet, where everything is connected or inter-related, it is no more a futuristic approach to access your home or office with the use of Internet. We provide you with a number of access devices that help you control your work or home from anywhere.

Mood/Thematic controls

A human and a machine is not necessarily a comparison, but what makes a human different from a machine is Emotions. We, at anterBox try to minimize that gap by turning the mood of the room that you are present in to your comfort needs with the help of those machines. Mood controls can be preset or defined/customized as per the moment. Some popular mood themes are -

  • Welcome mode, to give you a feeling of a grand entry into your home back from a tiring day at office.
  • Morning mode, for a fresher happier start to the day.
  • Party mode, to increase the party hormones many folds.
  • Night mode, for a soothing and relaxing environment.
  • Study mode, so that your child feel the ease to learn new things.

Automatic Lightening Effects

Controlled lighting allows you to create the perfect setting in your home. An integrated system, coupled with motorized shades and draperies enables you to adjust the aesthetics to your liking.

Lighting also creates a more secure home. As you approach your driveway, exterior flood lights automatically turn on, lighting the pathway from your garage to your home. Should you hear a strange sound in the middle of the night, with the push of a single button, you can turn on all the lights in and around your home. When you leave for vacation, you can press one button so that the lights turn on and off during pre-set times and the shades open and close to create a lived in look.

User Management

The managing of these activities is just a touch away. The user friendly application provided along with the system gives you a comfort level of managing your activities like never before. At home, office or somewhere on vacation, you can now control all the activities happening in and around your home.

On just one touch, you can pre-set the time for the an appliance to start up and switch off automatically, close your doors and lock them for outsiders, turn the lights off or dim them as per your mood, change the theme of the room and much more. The user interface application is extremely friendly and easy to use and understand. No more worries regarding your home, or office, whatsoever.

Parental Control

Parental controls is not a new concept, but with an automated home and parental controls over them, not only your home is secure but also safe for your children. No more worrying about your children listening to extremely loud music or reading with lights off or accessing the computer for too long and much more. With the parental controls, you can put an end to all these daily problems that keep you on your toes. The automation system is completely child-tamper proof and gives you the freedom to choose what is best for your kids.